About Us

Crime Stoppers is designed to solve crime with the help of concerned citizens.  This effective program asks that citizens fight crime by supplying leads and information, which may assist in bringing criminals to justice.  AND, tipsters may receive a reward of up to $1000 for their tip!

Crime Stoppers is based on the principle that someone, other than the criminal, has information which can help solve a crime.  The program was created to help combat the three major problems faced by law enforcement:  fear of reprisal, an attitude of apathy, and a reluctance to get involved.  Crime Stoppers resolves this problems by offering anonymity to people who provide information about crimes.  Paying rewards when the information supplied leads to arrests.

Abigail Pelzer, Chair
Julie Brown, Co-Chair
Dawn Peters, Treasurer
Christine Pauley, Secretary

Board of Directors:
Chuck Allie
Denise Bontrager
Nate Bradbury
Wes Breckenridge
Julie Brown
Rob Burdess
Jan Corey
Juli Johnson
Nicole Lindstrom
Nicole McCoy
Ben Miller
Christine Pauley
Larry  Pauley
Abigail Pelzer
David Peters
Dawn Peters
Danielle Rogers
Margaret Vander Weerdt
Andrew Worrell
Steve Wright